Hey! Say! JUMP's Takaki Yuya poses nude in 'anan' magazine

February 7, 2019 @ 3:28 am
by ustar
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Hey! Say! JUMP's Takaki Yuya will grace the cover of the next issue of 'anan' magazine to hit shelves on February 13. 

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Takaki poses nude in anan's popular feature 'Otoko no Karada' ('A Man's Body'). After receiving the offer, he worked hard on sculpting his body despite his busy schedule. 

Takaki commented, "I decided that if I'm going to do it, I'm doing to do it thoroughly. I'm almost in the last year of my twenties, so I want to do all I can. I put extra effort into training, and even studied boxing. I've never worked my body so hard in my life. I am also thankful to the members who joined me in my training and diet."

Source & Image: natalie


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