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Kis-My-Ft2 to release 8th album, 'FREE HUGS!'

February 27, 2019 @ 3:14 am
by ustar
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Kis-My-Ft2 will release their eighth album "FREE HUGS!" on April 24.

The theme of this album is "sharing love, beyond the borderline with our music." It will contain a total of 15 songs including their singles "Kimi wo Daisuki da," "Kimi, Boku." and "L.O.V.E." In addition, Limited Editions A and B will come with a bonus track, while the Regular Edition will include the members' solo songs.

More details will be revealed later, so stay tuned!

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?Kimi wo Daisuke da
?Kimi, Boku.
Total of 15 songs

Limited Edition A Bonus Track:

?New Song A?Untitled?

Limited Edition A DVD:

??HUG & WALK?Music Video
??Episode of FREE HUGS! ?Overseas shooting??Tentative??

Limited Edition B Bonus Track:

?New Song B?Untitled?

Limited Edition B DVD:

??KIS-MY-TV Special??Kiss Hug Daisakusen??Tentative??

Regular Edition Bonus Track:

?Kitayama Hiromitsu's solo song
?Senga Kento's solo song
?Miyata Toshiya's solo song
?Yokoo Wataru's solo song
?Fujigaya Taisuke's solo song

?Tamamori Yuta's solo song
?Nikaido Takashi's solo song

Source & Image: natalie


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