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Former Kimaguren's Kurei Yuki and ISEKI to hold first two-man live after disbandment

March 9, 2019 @ 3:29 am
by ustar
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Former Kimaguren members Kurei Yuki and ISEKI will hold their first two-man live since their disbandment. 

They will perform on the final day, September 29, of the live event 'OTODAMA SEA STUDIO' to be held at the Miura Coast of Kanagawa. 'OTODAMA SEA STUDIO' is an event that Kurei and ISEKI started together. 

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Kurei, who is still involved in producing the event, commented, "Not because it's the last day of OTODAMA, but because of ISEKI and everyone, I feel like it will be an exceptional day!"

ISEKI expressed, "Even though the place and form have changed, I am happy to be able to return like this.


Source & Images: natalie


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