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flumpool's new single to be titled 'HELP'

April 2, 2019 @ 3:09 am
by ustar
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The details on flumpool's new single that's slated to drop on May 22 have been revealed.

Titled "HELP," the single will include four new songs that were written during the band's hiatus. In the title track, Yamamura Ryuta (Vo, G) sings about his struggles while he was receiving treatment for his throat condition as well as his feelings when he couldn't call out for help. The band's new artist photo and the single's jacket covers were shot by Shinto Takeshi. 

You can check out the jacket covers and track list below. 

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[Limited Edition]

[Regular Edition]

[Track List]

01. HELP
02. Sora no Tabiji
03. HOPE
04. Tsunagari

-flumpool Re: START

Source & Images: natalie


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