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King & Prince to release their first album

April 13, 2019 @ 3:01 am
by ustar
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King & Prince will release their first album "King & Prince" on June 19.

The album will include their hit song "Cinderella Girl" and "Kimi ni Arigatou," which has been picked up as the theme song for the movie 'Uchi no Shitsuji ga Iu Koto ni wa' (May 17 release) as well as brand new songs.

It will be available for purchase in three different types. Limited Edition A will come with a Blu-ray or DVD containing PVs and making-of footage for new songs. Meanwhile, Limited Edition B will come with a CD including songs from their Johnny's Jr. days.

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[King & Prince]

?Cinderella Girl
?Kimi wo Matteru
?Kimi ni Arigatou
New Songs also to be included

Limited Edition A DVD / Blu-ray
?New Song Music Video
?Music Video Making
and more

Limited Edition B CD:
?Songs from Jr. days

Source & Image: natalie


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