Miura Shohei denies attending a matchmaking party

April 5, 2019 @ 3:09 am
by ustar
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On April 3, actor Miura Shohei appeared on his radio program 'Miura Shohei It's Sho time' and denied suspicions of attending a matchmaking party.

Last month, Miura shared on Instagram of a night that he enjoyed dinner and karaoke with Shirota Yu, Miura Haruma, and Yamada Shintaro. In some of the stories he uploaded, you can hear women's voices in the background. "I have been receiving strange comments saying that they can hear women's voices [in the stories]. That I was attending a matchmaking party," he mentioned during the program.

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Miura explained that the voices belonged to his wife, actress Kiritani Mirei and former TV Asahi announcer Uga Natsumi, who joined the boys for karaoke after dinner. "We have all been friends from long ago," he said.

Miura continued, "You can hear my wife and Uga-chan laughing and talking, so I think there was a misunderstanding. Why is it interpreted like that in the first place?" He reflected, "We talked about our stages, while the women had their girls talk. It was fun."

Source & Image: Model Press


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