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Mizuno Yoshiki to collaborate with Oda Kazumasa for his new project HIROBA

April 3, 2019 @ 3:00 am
by ustar
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Mizuno Yoshiki (Ikimonogakari) will be collaborating with Oda Kazumasa for his new project HIROBA. His single "YOU (with Oda Kazumasa)" will be released on April 17. 

Through this project, Mizuno aims to create a space where he can interact with other artists and creators. Regardless of the generation gap, Mizuno and Oda spent half a year discussing and creating this ballad song. 

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As the coupling track, the single will include "I", which was written and composed by Mizuno himself. While Mizuno had given up on this song, Oda told him, "I want you to experience singing your own words," and as such, he was able to complete the song. The single's limited edition will come with a DVD containing footage of their meetings and recording.

[YOU (with Oda Kazumasa)]

01. YOU?with Oda Kazumasa?
02. I

??YOU?Recording Making
?Mizuno YoshikiOda Kazumasa Special Interview

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