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Members from The RAMPAGE get their own Instagram accounts

May 28, 2019 @ 3:02 am
by ustar
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The members of THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE have each launched their own Instagram accounts.

The group just wrapped up their first arena tour 'THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2019: THROW YA FIST' on May 26. A list of the members' Instagram accounts can be seen below.

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LIKIYA - @likiya16rmpg

Jin - @rmpg_zin_official

RIKU - @_riku_r.m.p.g_ldh

Kamiya Kenta - @kenta.kamiya_

Yonamine Rui - @1_rui_yonamine_6

Yamamoto Shogo - @rampage_yamasho1006

Kawamura Kazuma - @rmpg_kazuma_kawamura

Yoshino Hokuto - @hokuto.yoshino.16_official

Iwaya Shogo - @shogo_iwaya_official

Urakawa Shohei - @ura_river_official

Fujiwara Itsuki - @itsuki_fujiwara_official

Takechi Kaisei - @kaisei_takechi_official

RYU - @ryu_rampage

Suzuki Takahide - @rmpg_takahide_suzuki_official

Goto Takuma - @takumagoto_

Source & Image: natalie


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