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Sakurai Sho to host 'THE MUSIC DAY' again this year

May 25, 2019 @ 3:01 am
by ustar
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NTV's special music program 'THE MUSIC DAY 2019 ~Jidai~' will air on July 6 from 1:30 pm. 

'THE MUSIC DAY' is an annual summer music program that is in its seventh year of broadcast this year. This year's program will broadcast with the theme "era" featuring hit songs from the Heisei Period, artists who will grace the new Reiwa Period, and songs that continue to be sung although the era has changed. 

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On the upcoming program, host Sakurai Sho (Arashi) commented, "Even though the times are changing, I hope to make this a day in which people can feel that 'music' is something that doesn't change and continues to shine.

Source & Image: natalie


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