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Track list for Suda Masaki's 2nd album unveiled

May 30, 2019 @ 3:08 am
by ustar
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The track list for Suda Masaki second album "LOVE," to drop on July 10, has been unveiled. 

The album will feature a total of 11 tracks including songs that Suda wrote and composed himself. It will be available in three different types: Complete Production Edition, Limited Edition, and Regular Edition. The Complete Production Edition will come with a 64-page photo book. 

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[Limited Edition]

[Complete Production Edition]

[Regular Edition]

[Track List]

01. Machigaisagashi
?Lyrics?Composition?Production?Yonezu Kenshi?
02. Clover
?Lyrics?Composition?Ishizaki Huwie?
03. Long Hope Philia
?Lyrics?Composition?Akita Hiromu?amazarashi??
04. 7.1oz
?Lyrics?Suda Masaki?Shibata Takahiro?Wasureranneyo? / Composition?Shibata Takahiro?Wasureranneyo??
05. Dras
?Lyrics?Composition?Suda Masaki?
06. Tsumoru Hanashi
?Lyrics?Composition?Suda Masaki?
07. Kiss Dakede feat. Aimyong
08. Living Dead
?Lycis?Composition?Shima Ryohei?Dresscodes??
?Lyrics?Composition?Suda Masaki?KNEEKIDS?
10. Aitsu to Sonoko
?Lyrics?Composition?Suda Masaki?
11. Baby
?Lyrics?Suda Masaki / Composition?Nagashima Shugo?

Source & Images: natalie


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