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Maison book girl to release a new single this summer

June 4, 2019 @ 2:59 am
by ustar
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Maison book girl will release their new single "umbla" on July 31.

The single will include new songs "Yamiiro no Asa" and "Silhouette," a poetry reading titled "Kokuhaku," and instrumental versions of each track. The Limited Edition will come with a Blu-ray disc featuring footage of their one-man live 'Solitude HOTEL 7F' held in April at Showa Women's University.

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To commemorate the release of "umbla," Maison book girl will hold one-man lives on September 16 at KYOTO MUSE and September 22 at Shibuya WOMB.


01. Yamiiro no Asa
02. Silhouette
03. Kokuhaku
04. Yamiiro no Asa?Instrumental?
05. Silhouette?Instrumental?
06. Kokuhaku?Instrumental?

Limited Edition Blu-ray:
Footage from one-man live 'Solitude HOTEL 7F'

Source & Image: natalie


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