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DA PUMP dance in New York City in PV for 'P.A.R.T.Y. ~Universe Festival~'

July 24, 2019 @ 3:05 am
by ustar
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DA PUMP have uploaded the PV for their new single "P.A.R.T.Y. ~Universe Festival~" onto their official YouTube channel. 

The PV, as well as the jacket covers for the single, were both shot in New York City. You can see them dancing in Times Square and Brooklyn. Also, as an homage to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," the members dance with zombies that appear in the video. 

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The PV also features Hiromi and Fujimori Shingo (Oriental Radio) making a cameo appearance. This collaboration was materialized after ISSA made a guest appearance in NTV's 'Kayou Surprise' hosted by the two. 

Source & Image: natalie


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