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Yonezu Kenshi to release new single, 'Uma to Shika'

July 13, 2019 @ 3:11 am
by ustar
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Yonezu Kenshi will release their new single "Uma to Shika" on September 11. 

"Uma to Shika" was written to be used as the theme song for the TBS drama 'No Side Game.' Besides this song, the single will include "Umi no Yuurei," which is the theme song for the movie 'Kaijuu no Kodomo' and a brand new song (currently untitled). It will be available for purchase in three different versions: No Side Edition, Video Edition, and Regular Edition.


You can check out the jacket cover and track list below. 

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[Uma to Shika]


01. Uma to Shika
02. Umi no Yuurei
03. Untitled

Video Edition DVD

01. ?Yonezu Kenshi 2019 TOUR / Sekitsuki ga Opal ni Naru Koro?LIVE Teaser
02. ?Umi no Yuurei?MV

Source & Images: natalie


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