Non throws a curve ball to Sheena Ringo's 'Tashika no Hokori' in new Uniqlo CM

August 21, 2019 @ 3:31 am
by ustar
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Singer/actress Non stars in Uniqlo's CM for 'Curve Pants' featuring Sheena Ringo's song "Tashika no Hokori."

In the CM, Non sports Uniqlo's 'Curve Pants' and throws a curve ball from the pitcher's mound representing the theme of women wearing 'Curve Pants' encountering a new side of themselves.

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Sheena, who wrote "Tashika no Hokori" just for the CM, uses French in the CM. Non, who was moved from the song's lyrics commented, "It responded to my feelings that I was fraught with great emotion."

Sources: natalie, Oricon


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