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Details on CHEMISTRY's new album revealed

September 10, 2019 @ 2:53 am
by ustar
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The details on CHEMISTRY's new album "CHEMISTRY" (September 25 release) have been revealed.

The production team for this album includes Wada Masaya, Kawaguchi Daisuke, Matsuo Kiyoshi, and tofubeats. You can check out the jacket covers and track list below the cut.

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[Limited Edition]

[Regular Edition]

[Analog Edition]

[Track List]

01. Get Together Again
02. Yume no Tsuzuki
03. Angel
04. ???
05. Horizon
06. Silent Night
07. Heaven Only Knows
08. Kazoekirenai Yoru wo Kugutte
09. Yakou Bus
10. Windy
11. 13kagetsu
12. Still Walking

DVD (Limited Edition A), Blu-ray (Limited Edition B):
?CHEMISTRYLIVE "Mikkai" Monday, July 8, 2019 @ Shinjuku ReNY
?CHEMISTRY LIVE "Mikkai" -Document Movie-
?Angel -Music Video-
?Angel -Music Video Making Movie-
?Moshimo -Music Video-
?Moshimo -Music Video Making Movie-
?Heaven Only Knows -Music Video-
?Heaven Only Knows -Music Video Making Movie-
?Windy -Music Video-
?Windy -Music Video Making Movie-
?Yume no Tsuzuki?Short ver.? -Lyric Video-

Source & Images: natalie


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