Hinatazaka46's Iguchi Mao voluntarily refrains from activities

September 10, 2019 @ 3:20 am
by ustar
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On September 8, Hinatazaka46 member Iguchi Mao updated her official blog announcing that she will voluntarily refrain from her activities.

In a blog entry titled "I am sorry for causing troubles and worries," she wrote, "A photo of a girl that looks like me was posted on a certain website the other day. There is no doubt that is me." She apologized, "I am very sorry to have caused trouble to my fans, members, and staff for causing a scandal due to my careless actions as an idol."

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Iguchi revealed, "Since I have caused trouble with my careless actions, I have notified to my agency that I will voluntarily refrain from my activities for a while. Regarding my future work, it will be decided upon consultation with the agency staff."

The other day, some websites posted a photo of Iguchi walking together with a man. Afterwards, she had been absent from the group's handshake events.

Sources: Oricon, Nikkan Sports


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