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Sexy Zone to release double A-side single

September 11, 2019 @ 2:54 am
by ustar
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Sexy Zone will release their double A-side single "Kirin no Ko / Honey Honey" on October 23.

The single will be released in three different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. Besides the title tracks, each version will include a different coupling song. Additionally, Limited Editions A & B will come with a DVD with music videos and variety footage.

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[Limited Edition A]


01. Kirin no Ko
02. Honey Honey
03. Coupling A
04. Coupling A -inst.-


??Kirin no Ko?Music Clip
?Making of?Kirin no Ko?Music Clip
?Variety Footage A?Tentative?


[Limited Edition B]


01. Honey Honey
02. Kirin no Ko
03. Coupling B
04. Coupling B -Inst.-


??Honey Honey?Music Clip
?Making of ?Honey Honey?Music Clip
?Variety Footage B?Tentative?


[Regular Edition]


01 .Kirin no Ko
02. Honey Honey
03. Coupling C
04. Coupling D
05. Kirin no Ko -Inst.-
06. Honey Honey -Inst.-
07. Coupling C -Inst.-
08. Coupling D -Inst.-

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