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THE RAMPAGE collaborate with 'HiGH&LOW THE WORST' in PV for 'SWAG & PRIDE'

September 13, 2019 @ 2:57 am
by ustar
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THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE have unveiled the PV for their new single "SWAG & PRIDE" that's scheduled for release on October 2. 

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"SWAG & PRIDE" will be used in the movie 'HiGH&LOW THE WORST' (October 4 release), which stars vocalists Kawamura Kazuma and Yoshino Hokuto and performers Ryu and Suzuki Takahide. For the PV, they collaborated with 'HiGH&LOW THE WORST.' In addition to THE RAMPAGE's performance, it features footage from the movie. Furthermore, Ryu and Suzuki were in charge of the song's choreography. 

Source & Image: natalie 


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