TOKIO leader Joshima Shigeru to marry

September 28, 2019 @ 3:03 am
by ustar
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It's been reported that TOKIO leader Joshima Shigeru (48) will be getting married. Reportedly, he will be getting married to talento Kikuchi Risa (24) whom he has been dating for some time.

Through TOKIO's official fan club site, Joshima announced, "I have an announcement for my fans. I, Joshima Shigeru, will be getting married." He wanted to let his fans know first "to make things straight as a leader and a man."

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TOKIO is now in their 25th year of activities, and Joshima will be turning 50 years old in 2020. He promised, "Iwill continue TOKIO for 30, even 40 years."

Joshima and Kikuchi's relationship was first reported by a tabloid magazine back in 2017. At one point, there were rumors that they had broken up, but we know now that those rumors weren't true.


Source: Oricon
Image: Johnny's net


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