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Hoshino Gen collaborates with Superorganism, PUNPEE for new digital EP

October 4, 2019 @ 3:06 am
by ustar
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Hoshino Gen will digitally release an EP titled "Same Thing" on October 14. 

The title track "Same Thing (feat. Superorganism)" is an all-English lyric song written and composed by Hoshino and arranged by Superorganism. In addition, the EP will include "Sarashimono (feat. PUNPEE)," which is a rap song with PUNPEE, a collaboration song with an artist to be announced later called "Ain't Nobody Know" and a serious song that is composed of just voice and guitar called "Watashi." 

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[Same Thing]


01. Same Thing (feat. Superorganism)
02. Sarashimono (feat. PUNPEE)
03. Ain't Nobody Know
04. Watashi

Source & Images: natalie 


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