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Sheena Ringo, GENERATIONS, and more to perform on November 22nd MUSIC STATION

November 19, 2019 @ 2:57 am
by ustar
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MUSIC STATION has revealed the artist line up for its November 22nd broadcast.

The upcoming two-hour episode will feature performances by Sheena Ringo, Genie High, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, ToshI, TWICE, Hata Motohiro, Hey! Say! JUMP, May J., Takeuchi Shunsuke, Nakamoto Mizuki, and Yamazaki Masayoshi x Kitamura Takumi.

Check out the full line up below! 

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  • Sheena Ringo - "Tadashii Machi"
  • Genie High - "Shaminami"
  • GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE - "One in a Million -Kiseki no Yoru ni-" "DREAMERS"
  • ToshI - "Manatsu no Yoru Yume" & Cover of hit songs selected by viewers
  • TWICE - "Fake & True"
  • Hata Motohiro - "Raspberry Lover"
  • Hey! Say! JUMP - "Kemono to Bara"
  • May J. - "Let it Do ~Ari no Mama de~"
  • Takeuchi Shunsuke - "Akogare no Natsu"
  • Nakamoto Mizuki - "Into the Unknown ~Kokoro no Mama ni"
  • Yamazaki Masayoshi x Kitamura Takumi - "Kagefumi"

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