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Details on Yuzu's album 'YUZUTOWN' revealed

January 9, 2020 @ 2:58 am
by ustar
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The details on Yuzu's new album "YUZUTOWN" (March 4 release) have been revealed.

The album will contain "Kouen Doori" and "GreenGreen," which were CM songs for Itoen's 'Oi Ocha,' "Maboroshi," which served as the theme song for drama 'Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju,' and a self-cover of "Natsu Hayate," which Kitagawa Yujin provided for Arashi. In addition, it will include a new version of "SEIMEI" arranged by Matsutoya Masataka and Tsutaya Koichi.

Yuzu will also hold a live event called 'YUZU SPECIAL LIVE YUZUTOWN' on March 4 in Tokyo and March 9 in Osaka. Four hundred lucky fans who are a part of the duo's fan club and reserve "YUZUTOWN" viaYUZU Official Store will be selected through a lottery to attend these events free of charge.

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02. Chinatown
03. ~Pinky Town~
04. Hanasaku Machi
05. GreenGreen
06. Maboroshi
07. ~Yellow Town~
08. Imasara
09. Fura Fura
10. Natsu Hayate (YZ ver.)
11. ~Green Town~
12. Muscat
13. Mada Mada
14. Kouen Doori



Wednesday, March 4- Tokyo
Monday, March 9 - Osaka

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