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Nishikido Ryo to release his first solo tour on DVD & Blu-ray

February 15, 2020 @ 3:06 am
by ustar
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Nishikido Ryo will release footage from his first solo tour 'Nishikido Ryo LIVE TOUR 2019: NOMAD' on April 15. 

The DVD and Blu-ray will feature the tour finale held on December 19 at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA. The Limited Edition will come with the Toyosu PIT concert as additional footage, while the Regular Edition will come with a CD containing behind-the-scenes footage. Finally, the WIZY Edition will include footage from his album release event and a 100-page photo book. 

The track list can be seen below the cut. 

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[Nishikido Ryo LIVE TOUR 2019: NOMAD]

01. Point of Departure
02. Badge
03. Honky Tonk Rhapsody
04. code
05. Traffic
06. Scarecrow
07. Old School
08. Komainu
09. Itoshi no Ellie
10. Batsu Game
11. Half Down
12. Yakimochi
13. Umbrella
14. Potential
15. Tokyoholic
16. Nomad
17. Omoide Dorobou

Source & Image: natalie


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