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KAT-TUN's penlight for their 15th Anniversary Tour trends for having the member colors of all 6 original members


Goods for KAT-TUN's 15th Anniversary Tour went on sale from yesterday until June 30th on the official website. When the goods were announced the other day, the wineglass trended on Twitter as it reminded fans of member Kamenashi Kazuya's 2009 drama "Kami no Shizuku", where he played the son of a wine critic. Yesterday, the official penlight trended when the sample photo showed it lighting up in the member colors of all 6 original members - Kamenashi Kazuya (pink), Akanishi Jin (red), Taguchi Junnosuke (orange), Tanaka Koki (yellow), Ueda Tatsuya (blue) and Nakamaru Yuichi (purple).

Fans also speculate a deeper meaning behind the penlight's unusual shape and design.
Top view: triangle - represents the 3 current members (Kamenashi, Ueda, Nakamaru)
Side view: rectangle - represents hyphens (KAT-TUN fans are called hyphens, a name given by former member Tanaka Koki, as the hyphen in the middle of KAT-TUN supports the members)
Lit up: 6 colors - represents all 6 original members

In addition, the concert uchiwas show the members posing with 1 and 5 fingers raised on each hand to denote their 15th anniversary. However, fans point out that this is another reference to "6", the original number of KAT-TUN members.

This is not the first time the former members were acknowledged since KAT-TUN lost half of their members. In 2016, Kamenashi thanked all 6 members on his closing speech for 10Ks!, KAT-TUN's first concert tour as 3 members. KAT-TUN's 15th Anniversary Tour will run from March onwards. They are also streaming the concert live from the venue online on the anniversary of their debut, March 22nd. Visit the official site for ticket information.

  1. Akanishi Jin
  2. Kamenashi Kazuya
  3. KAT-TUN
  4. Taguchi Junnosuke
  5. Tanaka Koki
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