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Posted by Nyx-Elias88 pts Friday, April 23, 2021

6 Romance animes with the best OSTs

Part of the immersion of romance anime comes from their OSTs which, over time, initiate and signal affection, heartbreak, pain, reconciliation, separation, indifference, and a whole other range of indescribable emotions that only music can express. In most of the anime shows that will be mentioned on this list, words are scarce, but the music fills in for the silence, speaking more than words could. If you're a fan of anison, keep reading and let us know what other anime you would add to the list in the comments down below!


'Clannad' is one of the most touching and tender romance anime shows ever to have graced the industry. It is also perhaps the most popular anime on this list that enjoyed both commercial and critical fame and success. The original soundtrack of 'Clannad' is moving beyond words, and just through its melody, it can bring back the storm of emotions any viewer felt while watching the anime.

'Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!'

Romance doesn't get better than this anime, and the OST only makes it better. The essence of liking, longing, loving, and unrivaled romance is best presented through the incredible OST, especially the opening and ending themes. One cannot just bring up romance anime OSTs without mentioning 'Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!' and that's how it'll be in the community for a long time now.

'Kokoro Connect'

Composer Yasuhiro Misawa hit musical genius with his soundtrack for 'Kokoro Connect.' If you liked 'Your Name,' you'll like 'Kokoro Connect' even more. One of the most refreshing romance dramas with an intriguing plotline that keeps the excitement amplified till the very end, this anime is the best of all worlds and definitely worth a watch. When it comes to the OST, it is subtle and calm but also reflects the feelings of uncertainty and change that the anime focuses on. Even if you haven't watched the anime, this soundtrack could be the perfect meditative guide for you.

'Love Hina'

If you're looking for a hyped-up soundtrack that echoes the excitement of the anime, 'Love Hina' is the one for you. 'Love Hina' gives freeplay to the chaos that ensues when a student ends up becoming the manager of an all-girls dorm, and the soundtrack perfectly represents the same. It is cheery and joyful and a complete mood maker. 

'My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected'

Also known as 'OreGairu,' this anime is an absolute masterpiece, both when it comes to the plotline itself as well as the soundtrack. This is also perhaps one of those rare dramas where the writing and, as such, the dialogues are so beautiful that the soundtrack doesn't need to make up for words unsaid. 

'Lovely Complex'

If there has ever been a perfect representation of "opposites attract" or love between a mismatched pair in anime, 'Lovely Complex' has to be it. 'Lovely Complex' is a God-tier anime with one of the most gorgeous OSTs ever, influenced heavily by classical music and thus carrying the elegance and depth of the same. Both musically and story-wise, 'Lovely Complex' is incomparable.


'Terror in Resonance'

While not usually categorized as a romance anime in its entirety, there are strong themes of love, both romantic, brotherly, platonic, and more in this anime. 'Terror in Resonance' has one of the best OSTs ever in the history of anime. One could listen to the whole thing over and over without ever once getting bored of it. The emotions it evokes are strangely personal and different every time you listen to the OST. In simpler words, the OST itself is an experience. 

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