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Posted by kitto-nakajima 102 pts Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Johnny's Web launches major refresh, adds new Junior content series


Subscribers to the official Johnny's blog service Johnny's Web and fans of the company's next-generation "Juniors" are waking up to a pleasant surprise!

Part and parcel to a system maintenance update announced earlier this month, the much-beloved site, which offers an exclusive, intimate, and behind-the-scenes peek into the downtime and private lives of the iconic agency's stars and artists, has been updated with a major content refresh. In addition to a delightfully pastel colour scheme and brand-new logo, the site will now allow fans to "follow" specific blogs and "like" entries they are interested in, as well as receive personalized notifications when new content is updated; providing a more customized experience sure to be appreciated by those more familiar with standard social media features.

Additionally, several groups have been officially onboarded to the site's content lineup, including blogs for popular Junior groups heretofore missing. 


Group name: 7 MEN Samurai

Blog name: 異担侍日報~侍ふ。~ (itanji nippou ~samuraifu.~)

With its name a homophonous pun on the Japanese word for "maverick" or "rebel" written with playfully descriptive kanji, this blog will feature content from each of the six members assigned a day Saturday through Thursday (Nakamura ReiaSugeta RinneSasaki TaikoMotodaka KatsukiYabana ReiKonno Taiki), to be posted each day at 9pm. 

(Below) 7 MEN Samurai come together to promote their new blog, as well as a new Twitter hashtag specifically to help them better connect with fans around the world!


Group name: Shonen Ninja

Blog name: 忍ばない少年達の交換日記 (shinobanai shounentachi no koukannikki)

With 22 members in their roster, the plan at present is for all members to post within any given month but on an uncertain and carefree schedule, surprising fans each day with who's posting and when!


Furthermore, a new section called ジュニア日記, or "Junior Diary" will be added featuring posts by the members of Jr. SP, IMPACTors, as well as not-yet enfeoffed individuals.  Jr. SP will post with one member representing the group each Wednesday, with one member from IMPACTors posting each Tuesday and Friday. Additional Juniors will post on an ad hoc basis. 

Started in 2003, Johnny's Web has been the most prominent and enduring of Johnny & Associates' digital outreach efforts, connecting on-the-go audiences with regular updates from their favourite Johnny's boys. While currently published only in Japanese, it is nonetheless available worldwide, and the monthly subscription fee of 330 JPY (approximately $3.05 USD) can be paid with any standardly accepted credit card. 

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