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Posted by ustar TH STAFF Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Check out Pachi Pachi's exclusive interview with MADKID!


Dance and vocal unit MADKID was recently interviewed by Pachi Pachi, a French website about J-music. 

Check out the exclusive interview, translated by Neokyo, below! 


1. First of all, thank you for replying to our questions! Can you start by introducing yourself, please?
YOU-TA : We are MADKID, 5-member dance and vocal group! We are composed of 2 rappers and 3 singers.
2. What is characterizing MADKID?
KAZUKI : We make music with a “dance/rock” theme. Our stage is created by mixing our five different personalities.
3. Except "RISE" and "FAITH" ('Tate no Yuusha' opening songs), do you have any other songs that you would like to recommend to the people who don’t know MADKID yet?
LIN : I would like them to listen to our last released song "Gold Medal."
4. Regarding your process for creating your songs & dances, every member plays a part, can you tell us a little bit more?
YUKI : First, LIN is composing & arranging the songs, SHIN and I are creating the choreography, KAZUKI is filming us and creating our videos and making off. YOU-TA is the leader and is keeping us united.
5. Recently you have collaborated with LACCO TOWER. Is there any other artist you would like to collaborate with?
LIN : One day, I would definitely like to work with LM7 (illustrator).
6. During one of your last one-man lives, you performed some songs as a rock band, playing instruments yourselves. As artists, do you have any other challenges that you would like to try to complete?
YUKI : A world tour is a goal that, some days, we would like to challenge ourselves to achieve.
7. You recently announced your national tour 'LINKAGE' (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka). Does the tour name 'LINKAGE' have a special meaning?
SHIN : It’s a tour for our fans, and for the connection between the past and the future!
8. With this tour you challenge your fans and yourself to do "sold-out concerts." Challenges and innovations seem to take an important part for planning and the production of your live concerts, doesn’t it?
KAZUKI : Yes, you are right! We are doing our very best, hoping that it will help our fans to face their own challenges with all their might. If the lives are sold out, videos of our past one-man lives will be released on YouTube, so we hope that everyone in France and in the world will watch it.
9. The Covid19 pandemic is affecting the entertainment world. How are you keeping in contact with your fans?
SHIN : We are communicating with AXCEL (fan’s name) through SNS.
10. Your strong presence on SNS (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube) is a real plus to reach your international fans. In the future, do you have other plans or goals to become closer to your international fans?
YUKI : A world tour is a goal that we would like to achieve one day. Also, from now on, we would like to prepare content that can reach an international audience too.
11. You recently created your own artist management company 'Future Notes.' How do you see its development?
YOU-TA : We believe that if we can get MADKID known by as many people as possible then it will lead to the spread of Future Notes. We will do our best.
12. To conclude, a word for your international fans?
YOU-TA : We have never been to France yet. But we will do our best to reach our goal of meeting our French fans and our fans around the world. Thank you for your continuous support.


To learn more about MADKID, you can visit their official website and social media accounts below. 

MADKID Official Website

MADKID Official Twitter

MADKID Instagram


MADKID Official YouTube

MADKID Spotify

Columbia Music shop

[This interview originally appears on Pachi Pachi, and was translated into English by Neokyo.]

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