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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Monday, September 11, 2023

Saito Asuka's Candid Debut: Unveiling Her True Self in ar's October Issue


Saito Asuka makes her debut in ar's October issue, revealing her true personality. In her own words, "I don't think my personality is great, and I don't set high expectations for myself."

The October issue of ar (available from September 12th) features Saito Asuka, formerly of Nogizaka46, as its cover girl. This issue delves into "how to exude sexiness in today's world" and marks Asuka's debut on the magazine's cover.

Asuka, who's been longing for this opportunity, shared, "I've always wanted to grace the cover of ar. I used to collect cute ar pages." Contrary to her expectations, the photo shoot was relaxed and fun. The issue offers a 10-page spread covering her beauty secrets, personality, and future endeavors.

In this issue, Asuka reflects on her post-idol life, stating, "During my idol days with Nogizaka46, I had specific goals and responsibilities, like wanting to grow the group and bring out the best in the juniors. I used to set strict rules to get closer to my ideal. But now, at 25, I can enjoy my work without constraints. I aim to become a relaxed and refreshing woman in her 30s."

As for her personality, she candidly admits, "I'm not one to hesitate. But I can be moody and stubborn at times. Honestly, I don't think my personality is all that great, and I don't demand much from myself."

She also touches briefly on her views about love when addressing readers' relationship queries, saying, "Confessing without a reasonable chance of success can be daunting. First, it's important to ensure you're seen as a romantic prospect." Expect engaging and relatable content in this issue.

Additionally, Yoshino Kita shares a light-hearted anecdote, revealing, "Even when I go for barbecue with the members, I'm always the last one to order dessert."

Saito Asuka's journey from Nogizaka46 to her candid revelations in ar's October issue is a testament to her evolving self, promising readers a deeper glimpse into her fascinating world."

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