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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Maki Goto, Former Morning Musume Member, Embarks on VTuber Journey at 38


On October 25, 2023, former Morning Musume member and talent Maki Goto (38) unveiled an exciting new project, marking her "VTuber debut" as part of her 25th-anniversary celebrations. During a press conference in Tokyo, she introduced "Buigoma," her VTuber persona.

In a unique twist, Buigoma's character is based on "15-year-old Maki Goto," who has seemingly traveled back in time from 2001. The character intends to embrace this era and make the most of the Reiwa era. In a playful exchange, Goto humorously responds to her VTuber's youthful appearance, highlighting the age difference and expressing amusement at the character's ability to remain ageless.

Going forward, Buigoma will operate under "Virtual Avex Co., Ltd." and is scheduled to make her VTuber debut with a live broadcast on YouTube on October 26. Furthermore, she will participate in the "Virtual Halloween Festival 2023" on October 28 and is set to make her global debut on November 11, where she will also appear at the largest virtual idol festival, "Life Like a Live! 6."

Goto, who was involved in the character's design, expressed her appreciation for the cute cat motif and the character's smooth hair. She playfully mentioned her admiration for Buigoma's ability to look adorable without needing to worry about clothing or skincare.

Maki Goto's VTuber venture marks an exciting step forward in her career. As she introduces the time-traveling Buigoma, she expresses enthusiasm about the content she can create as a VTuber and her eagerness to enjoy this new venture at her own pace. While Buigoma may be from a different time, she embodies a lighthearted and fun-filled approach to content creation.

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