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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Monday, October 16, 2023

Naniwa Danshi's "I Wish" now streaming on Youtube and Youtube Music, A Melody of Connection and Positivity


In a world where music knows no boundaries, Naniwa Danshi has unveiled their 6th single, "I Wish," and it's a testament to their enduring connection with fans and their signature sweet sound. 

"I Wish" offers more than just music; it offers an intimate look into the personalities of Naniwa Danshi's members. In an outdoor glamp-ground music video, each member has a chance to shine, proving that the group is not just about their performances but also about who they are as individuals. Naniwa Danshi wants fans, both old and new, to see the real them and know that what you see is what you get.

The lyrics of "I Wish" convey a message of strength, positivity, and belief in miracles, exemplifying Naniwa Danshi's mission to inspire and uplift.

In a world filled with music, Naniwa Danshi's "I Wish" isn't just another single; it's a bridge between artists and their audience, a melody of connection, and a testament to the power of positivity. With Naniwa Danshi, every day is a sweet day, and the future is filled with hope and inspiration.

Naniwa Danshi's music is defined by its sugar-sweet sound, and "I Wish" carries that torch proudly. Their consistency in delivering this signature sound is what keeps fans coming back for more.

"I Wish" is not just a song; it also serves as the theme for the drama "My Second Aoharu," starring Shunsuke Michieda. This connection to the broader entertainment industry showcases the group's versatility and cultural influence.

"I Wish" is available for global streaming exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music, emphasizing Naniwa Danshi's desire to share their music with a broader international audience.

Beyond their music, Naniwa Danshi is known for their entertaining digital releases and variety videos. Fans are encouraged to explore their YouTube channel for a constant stream of engaging content.

The group maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, making it easy for fans to stay connected. Follow and share Naniwa Danshi's journey through the following social media channels:

For those who appreciate the tactile experience of physical music, mark your calendars for November 15, 2023. Naniwa Danshi is set to release a CD of "I Wish," with three different versions, each packed with extra songs and behind-the-scenes video content.

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