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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Monday, October 23, 2023

Repeat Offender "Luffy" (Not Monkey D. Luffy) and Accomplices Face New Arrests in Tokyo Heist Case


In an ongoing series of wide-ranging robbery cases, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is set to re-arrest three individuals suspected of orchestrating a violent robbery and assault incident in Nakano Ward, Tokyo, last December. These suspects, Masato Imamura, Yuki Watanabe, and Seiya Fujita, are anticipated to be taken into custody once again.

Imamura, Watanabe, and Fujita are alleged to have conspired with other assailants in December of last year to forcibly enter a residence in Nakano Ward. During the incident, they subjected the occupant, a 49-year-old man at that time, to a vicious assault, resulting in severe injuries. They are further accused of making off with an estimated 32 million yen in cash.

Notably, eight men, including the primary culprits, have already been arrested in connection with this case. It is the belief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police that individuals using aliases such as "Luffy" and "Kim" communicated instructions via messaging applications for this series of crimes.

The investigation has led to the conclusion that "Luffy" corresponds to Masato Imamura, and "Kim" corresponds to Seiya Fujita. Still, the authorities are looking into the possibility of Yuki Watanabe also being involved in this alias-sharing arrangement.

For Masato Imamura, this represents the sixth arrest related to his alleged role as the mastermind of these large-scale robbery incidents. Meanwhile, for Yuki Watanabe and Seiya Fujita, this marks their fourth arrest in connection with the same case.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is actively pursuing leads related to robbery cases in Inagi City, Tokyo, and Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. They are working towards identifying those responsible for providing instructions in these incidents as well.

These developments shed light on the persistent and organized nature of the criminal activities associated with this group, raising concerns about public safety. The individuals behind these aliases, particularly "Luffy," remain central to the ongoing investigations.

In the wake of these new arrests, the resolve of law enforcement to apprehend and bring these individuals to justice only grows stronger, as they strive to ensure the safety and security of the community.

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