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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF 17 days ago

Bizarre Incident: Man Eats Gyudon at Yoshinoya in Underwear and Boots, Sparking Controversy


A viral video featuring a man casually dining on gyudon while wearing nothing but his underwear at a Yoshinoya restaurant has set social media abuzz. This eyebrow-raising incident unfolded on November 11th when a user uploaded the video online.

In the video, you can see a gentleman enjoying his beef bowl at the Yoshinoya counter with only his undergarments on. Although he sported a wristwatch, his upper body was bare, and the lower half featured an eccentric combination of underwear, socks, and leather shoes. Onlookers, particularly women in the vicinity, couldn't help but cast perplexed glances, but curiously, the restaurant staff did not seem to intervene or caution the diner in the video.

As the video began circulating, it triggered a wave of criticism aimed at the nearly undressed patron. People complained that he was "disrupting the business" and expressed their discomfort with comments like, "It's unappetizing, and I wouldn't want to sit near him." Furthermore, the restaurant serving the gyudon also faced backlash for not addressing the situation more promptly.

Yoshinoya, as a result, found itself under scrutiny, with the public demanding answers:

"Why doesn't Yoshinoya bar such customers from entering?"

"Why hasn't Yoshinoya addressed this properly?"

"Establishments that allow such behavior affect those around them."

So, what is Yoshinoya's stance on patrons showing up in just their pants? In response to our inquiry, Yoshinoya commented, "We are currently looking into the matter and will take appropriate action once we have all the facts. We have no further comments at this time." The beef bowl chain seems to be handling this unusual situation with caution, leaving many to wonder how this intriguing incident will unfold.

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