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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arrest Made Following Threats Against YOSHIKI of X JAPAN; Industry Concerns Heighten as GACKT Responds


In a recent turn of events, YOSHIKI, a prominent figure in the iconic band X JAPAN and THE LAST ROCKSTARS, found himself at the center of a disturbing episode as an individual on social media was arrested for making apparent death threats against him. This unsettling news was brought to public attention through an official statement released by Japan Music Agency, the entity representing YOSHIKI, on December 6th.

The agency's statement revealed, "A person who repeatedly made posts resembling death threats towards YOSHIKI on social media was arrested on December 5th for suspicion of intimidation, according to a report from the police."

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the agency characterized the actions as "relentless and highly malicious," understanding the potential harm to YOSHIKI's artistic endeavors. They asserted their commitment to addressing such incidents decisively, expressing a readiness to take legal action if deemed necessary. Additionally, the agency called on fans to continue their support with moderation and respect.

This incident sheds light on the broader issue of threats and harassment faced by artists on digital platforms. Authorities and affiliated organizations are increasingly taking stringent measures to counteract such behavior, underscoring the importance of cultivating a safe and supportive online environment.

Responding to the escalating concerns, GACKT, another influential figure in the music industry, shared his thoughts on X(@GACKT). In his tweet, he expressed awareness of the growing number of individuals exhibiting concerning behavior, stating, "Lately, there's been an increase in these types of people. I don't know what their mental state is, but it's clear that something is broken." GACKT also reflected on a past incident, recalling a bomb threat before a live performance, suggesting that while the number of such incidents may not have changed, their visibility has increased.

The collective response from both the affected artist and his peer underscores the gravity of the situation, prompting a broader conversation about the challenges artists face in navigating the digital landscape. As the music industry grapples with these incidents, it raises questions about the broader implications for artists and the need for continued vigilance in the online sphere.

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