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Posted by SofiaSayson TH STAFF Friday, March 1, 2024

[INTERVIEW] Vicke Blanka on self-development and touring: "I believe music has no borders"


Spending years in the music industry, Japanese singer-songwriter Vicke Blanka has put out quality full-length albums, including 'FEARLESS,' 'wizard,' 'devil,' and his latest one, 'FATE,' along with his top songs "Black Catcher" and "Black Rover," which both have over 160 million listens on Spotify. 

Vicke successfully kicked off the year with a North American tour with stops spanning 10 cities, including Vancouver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and New York, among others. "I am reckless sometimes, but I enjoy that, and it was my recklessness that brought me on this North American tour," he said. 

The artist has had a different approach to creating music: he used to put if off until the very last minute. But that's not because of his laziness; rather, it's because he feels when the time is running out, and that fills him with fresh ideas. "But, these days, I try not to leave anything until the last minute but of course sometimes things happen," he added.

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tokyohive had the opportunity to catch up with Vicke Blanka to discuss his journey as a musician and why you shouldn't miss his shows. Continue reading to learn more about the artist!

tokyohive: Hi Vicke Blanka! To start, please introduce yourself to our readers, answering the question: “Who is Vicke Blanka right now?” You can describe yourself or something, maybe in a first-person or third-person point of view.

Vicke Blanka: Vicke Blanka is a funny and simple man. I like to create music, compose, write lyrics, handle the arrangement, producing, everything! I do what I want and consider myself a simple person. I don’t think I have a very complicated mind. I live simply. I am reckless sometimes, but I enjoy that, and it was my recklessness that brought me on this North American tour.

tokyohive: I read that your music heavily tends to be influenced by your overseas experiences. What do you think about life when you expand your horizons beyond where you came from? Is there something that kind of approach taught you about in life in general?

Vicke Blanka: Before I traveled anywhere, I just dreamed about different overseas cultures and lifestyles. But these days, I can luckily visit and experience these real-life cultures, their music, and their lifestyles, all kinds of these types of things. For me, I really believe that music has no borders, and I feel that in my heart.

tokyohive: You’re the person who just goes with the flow. Do you always go with the flow, or something you go against it? Could you share with us a specific instance, either in your professional or personal life, where you didn’t regret living in that motto?

Vicke Blanka: I try to be a go-with-the-flow person, but I don’t mean that I don’t ever decide anything. Can you feel me? I have to make foundational decisions, and once I have done that, I let everything else fall into place on its own and try to go with the flow. Like for each show, I plan a set list. But depending on how I feel, or how the crowd reacts, I may change what I perform and just go with the mood to create the best atmosphere.

tokyohive: How do you ensure that the music you are making is universal and has boundaries in a way? What do you think is the crucial part when making music?

Vicke Blanka: Sometimes, I focus on different elements in order to create the music such as the rhythm elements, kicks, snares, high hats, etc. You know... Building the rhythm is very important for making the music more borderless. I believe that I have a great ability to make a good melody, so I try to blend the rhythmical elements and the beautiful melody in just a four-minute song. And that’s interesting to do. And I love to do that.

tokyohive: I read in an interview that you tend to slack off until the last minute. Is that approach normal to you already, that you can call it your “usual way” of creating music? What do you do if you experience writer’s block?

Vicke Blanka: I used to slack off until the last minute but not specifically because I was lazy or anything. But the feeling of the edge of a time limit always gave me great ideas. I kind of felt like I was waiting for a miracle. This especially happened when I experienced writer’s block a few years ago. It felt like I hit a wall, and I tried to destroy the wall. So hard. At that time, I was not a going-with-the-flow person. I did everything I could think of to break that wall, to shake my heart by swimming, playing games, and trying different things. Anything I could think of to destroy the block. But, these days, I try not to leave anything until the last minute, but of course, sometimes things happen.

tokyohive: Looking back to your debut, what kind of development do you see from yourself in terms of your artistic aspect and vision?

Vicke Blanka: I have developed a lot since I debuted in the way I create music and perform. I think I can grow even more. So, I’m still working hard. I’m pretty used to being on the stage with the audience. Of course, I did a lot of gigs all over… In North America, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and so many places.

tokyohive: You started your 2024 with a North American tour. Are you more comfortable on stage now? What’s your vision for a concert experience that keeps audiences hooked and coming back for more? What is it like being in Vicke Blanka's concert?

Vicke Blanka: My performances are always powerful, always aggressive, always filled with love and happiness, and full of laughter. And that’s a great place to come. So you guys better come to my concerts! We are working on booking more tours, overseas, and just all over the world, just like a world tour. We’re working on that right now, so just wait and listen to my songs on Spotify or Apple Music. Just wait for the right time we can meet each other in your city.

tokyohive: What are your pre-show preparations or rituals?

Vicke Blanka: I don’t have a routine before a show. If I had a routine, and something prevented me from doing that routine, I would be afraid that some bad feeling may affect my performance. So yeah, I don’t make any routines before the shows.

tokyohive: Lastly, what else can we expect from you this year? Also, feel free to leave your final message to our readers and your fans!

Vicke Blanka: I just finished my North American tour, and I’m going to go back to Tokyo. I’m going to start creating a new song, and that song is going to be hugely influenced by North America. I’m the biggest fan of my music, so I’m looking forward to creating my music and listening to my new songs like you guys.

Hey everyone! Thank you for reading this interview, and I’m really happy to be here. Maybe there are some people who have not been in my life, so you better come to one of my shows in the future, and let’s have fun together. The time is not far from today. See you soon! 

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