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Posted by J_Global 356 pts Tuesday, February 23, 2021

It's a Candyland minefield in Naniwa Danshi's original board game!


Representing the spirit of Kansai in full force, the boys of Naniwa Danshi play a homemade board game in today's video for the Johnnys' Jr. Channel!

To create the tiles for the board game's map, they each think of a few different creative punishment games and lay them out on the path through the board. They then each roll the die to move their pieces (for which they use their popular acrylic standees available on the Johnnys' ISLAND Store), having to do whatever punishment game they land on.

Of course there arestandard idol activities like a sweet message to the camera, but they certainly up the ante with more intense ideas like getting spanked with a shoe, drawing on each other's faces and "everyone but Takahashi Kyohei gets shocked with a buzzer pen" (hmm, I wonder who came up with THAT one...)

Next month, the boys will pass the baton of the Tuesday time slot to the next Kansai Johnnys' Junior group, but don't miss your chance to vote in the comments as to which of the three intros from this month you want to see when their turn comes back around!

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