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Posted by J_Global 356 pts Monday, April 26, 2021

Johnnys' YouTube Round-Up: Week of April 20


From tears (both real and fake) to an iconic star's foray into the world of YouTubers, here's what's happened in the past week on the YouTube channels of Johnny & Associates!

On Tuesday the boys of Lil Kansai hosted a birthday party for members Nishimura Takuya and Toma Ruku. While the standard kansai goofiness came through in some of their choice of presents, they did read heartfelt letters to each other, expressing their love for each other as idol brothers-in-arms and reaffirming their commitment to their fans and their work!

On Wednesday, Snow Man posted the second video in their "adventures in gym class" series, featuring a ping-pong tournament with randomly assigned different types of paddles. This included standard ping-pong paddles, but also badminton rackets, hand fans, and even a frying pan! 

Later that evening, Shonen Ninja also tried their hand (and bodies) at a dodgeball tournament, but in place of normal gym class kickballs they first tried with a sitting exercise ball and then a beachball! 

On Thursday, Travis Japan unleashed their competitive spirit with an "every man for himself" capture the flag battle royale. Member Nakamura Kaito acted as broadcaster and MC, being in the process of IRL recovery from wisdom teeth removal surgery.

On Friday, lovable himbo Sugeta Rinne finally got his turn in the spotlight for the third video in 7 MEN Samurai's "King of..." series, in which he posed a series of questions about himself for the other members to answer, including whose amongst his sempai's muscles he most looked up to and what he really wants to tell Yabana Rei. The winner was even given/sentenced to a workout with Rinne!

Later that night, SixTONES played a game that's sure to come in handy, being "Paparazzi Escape!" Each member had to come on set while all the rest were armed with cameras, to see if they could evade getting their face taken. 

On Saturday, Bishonen turned on the waterworks with a game to see who could cry the fastest. Between Ukisho Hidaka's movie and Nasu Yuto's stageplay, such a refinement of their acting abilities is certainly top of mind for them!

On Sunday, HiHi Jets tried their hand at the popular Jr. Channel series "Soundless Dance," testing how well they can stay in synch when they all get filmed dancing to their original song ZENSHIN separate and without any music. Hashimoto Ryo...definitely tried his best!

But nothing compares to the biggest news of the week, when they mystery creator behind a video posted two weeks ago turned out to be none other than Ninomiya Kazunari! Shortly after posting his first "reveal" video it climbed to the top of the charts, becoming the 5th fastest Japanese channel ever to reach 1MM subscribers. Not bad, given that the #1 spot is held by ARASHI itself. 

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