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Posted by J_Global 356 pts Monday, May 3, 2021

Johnnys' YouTube Round-Up: Week of April 27


The state of emergency might be back in effect but fans can always count on some fun diversions from the new digital stars of Johnny & Associates!

On Tuesday, Lil Kansai dug deep into their West Japan roots with a custom punishment game memory match! Drawing from the turned down cards on the table, if they can match two cards successfully then they avoid the punishment game written upon them, but if they can't, they have to pick one punishment game to undertake until their next turn!

On Wednesday, Snow Man presented part three of their sports class series, with a competition designed to test their teamwork. Through a series of challenges, the objective is to ensure that all 9 members succeed, no matter their levels of coordination (or lack thereof).

Later that evening, Shonen Ninja share some of their amazing dance moves with their very first choreography video, featuring their original song Taiyo no Egao (Smiles of the Sun)!

On Thursday, Travis Japan took a trip down memory lane and spilled the tea about what went on behind the scenes of some of their most popular videos!

On Friday, 7 MEN Samurai played a game familiar to long-term viewers of the Johnnys' Jr. Channel called "Nanja-Monja," but with a twist! Instead of the cute monster characters, they played with cards featuring the artist images of their fellow denizens of the channel, with the challenge being to create nicknames for each person which they had to remember the next time the card was played!

Later that evening, SixTONES released a double feature, with their weekly variety show (featuring a game involving a scale and a plate of delicious french fries) with an hour-long livestream celebrating their 6th anniversary!

 On Saturday, the boys of Bishonen created modern adaptations of popular Japanese fairy tales, complete with picturebook illustrations to embellish their takes!

And on Sunday, HiHi Jets try their hand at cooking, with a challenge requiring them to recreate gourmet local curries by taste memory!

And don't miss the ongoing saga of the developmet of Janino Channel, including each reveal of the four participating members (Ninomiya Kazunari, Nakamaru Yuichi, Kikuchi Fuma, and Yamada Ryosuke)!

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  2. SixTONES
  3. Snow Man
  4. Travis Japan
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