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Posted by J_Global 356 pts Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Johnnys' YouTube Round-Up: Week of May 11


From a very big announcement from Naniwa Danshi to all-new music videos, check out what's happened on YouTube from the stars of Johnny & Associates!

On Monday, Naniwa Danshi released a special performance clip of their hit original song 2 Faced, from last November's "Kansai Johnnys’ Jr. DREAM PAVILION 〜Shall we #AOHARU​?〜" concert.

The next day, they returned for their month on the Johnnys' Jr. Channel with a game where they have to correctly guess what various regions of Japan are known for. Why are they doing this? Because of their just-announced National Tour taking place from July!

Later that evening, SixTONES share the all-new music video for their song Strawberry Breakfast, shot as one continuous take and a lot of playful action!

On Wednesday, five members of Snow Man play a new spin on their favourite pastime of the Werewolf Game, this time where they have to expose who is most likely to fail the various quiz questions that even Japanese elementary schoolchildren should know!

Later that evening, Shonen Ninja get to know each other better with another game sharing behind the scenes stories and tidbits from their time as Juniors, including some heartwarming stories of their experiences with Johnny Kitagawa himself!

On Thursday, Travis Japan get back in action from their quarantine-mandated break with a special game of Jenga, played on top of member Miyachika Kaito's bare torso to commemorate his sexy scenes in his popular recent TV drama!

On Friday, 7 MEN Samurai get back in the kitchen with round 2 of their "giant foods" series, this time to cook up an enormous slab of the Japanese Izakaya staple "Asparagus Bacon."

Later that night, SixTONES play hide-and-seek in a massive house studio, with surprising results as to who is able to hide themselves the best!

On Saturday, Bishonen plays a game of charades based around various types of sushi, but only the guys who guess correctly get to eat!

On Sunday, HiHi Jets play around with a new smartphone application designed to rate how much of an "ikemen" they are.

Finishing out the week on Monday the 17th, Lil Kansai share their own live performance clip of their song La Fiesta from this year's production of the Johnny's original stageplay "ANOTHER."

And of course don't miss the ongoing adventures of Ninomiya Kazunari, Nakamaru Yuichi, Yamada Ryosuke, and Kikuchi Fuma, including their new series "answering forbidden questions!"

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