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Posted by J_Global 356 pts Monday, May 24, 2021

Johnnys' YouTube Round-Up: Week of May 18


The skies of Tokyo have been grey with the pre-summer rainy season, but on YouTube it's all sunshine and smiles among the boys of Johnny & Associates! See what they've been up to in the list below!

On Tuesday, Naniwa Danshi went for round two of their "28 (ni-wa) Questions" series, this time featuring members Onishi Ryusei and Michieda Shunsuke!

That same day, SixTONES release the official music video to their heartfelt and beautifully moving ballad Lifetime; a far cry from the upbeat craziness of the other day's Strawberry Breakfast!

On Wednesday, four members of Snow Man returned to the "Werewolf Game Lounge" to play a custom game of tic-tac-toe called "Bounce Off," requiring them to bounce plastic balls into a container to make various shapes, something which clearly proved too much for the normally buttoned-up Abe Ryohei!

Later that evening, Shonen Ninja returned for revenge to one of their very first YouTube videos with a giant game of jump rope, to see how many times all 22 members can manage the leap in synch!

On Thursday, a fully-recovered Travis Japan played another round of their intra-member favorite game: the mobile app for "One Night Werewolf!" Watch to see who really gets into their devious side!

On Friday, 7 MEN Samurai shared just exactly what they think of each other with an member ranking game, with each person ranking the members on things like who's the most attractive, who's the most standard idol, and who among them has the most (if any) common sense!

Later that evening, SixTONES play a game that puts their hearing to the test, where 5 members must shout out some nice word or phrase describing the 6th member, who must parse out who said what from the melee.

On Saturday, Bishonen played a game themed to the film 胸がなるのは君のせい (My Heart Beats Only for You), which opens June 4th and will star member Ukisho Hidaka! In the game, Ukisho had to judge each member on how well they do endearing themselves to him with sweet words and memories of their time together!

On Sunday, HiHi Jets come together for their first-ever "Let's Play" game video, featuring the mega-popular global hit Among Us. Could this new game finally dethrone the Juniors love of the Werewolf Game!?

And of course, don't miss the ongoing adventures of Ninomiya Kazunari, Nakamaru Yuichi, Yamada Ryosuke, and Kikuchi Fuma, which included an intra-group competition for who could cover popular Tik Tok dances the best!

And of course, the biggest news of all, we extend a hearty welcome to King & Prince for the launch of their brand-new YouTube channel, featuring a never-before digitally released extended cut of their debut song Cinderella Girl's music video!

  1. Ninomiya Kazunari
  2. Johnny's Jr.
  3. King & Prince
  4. Naniwa Danshi
  5. Kikuchi Fuma
  6. SixTONES
  7. Snow Man
  8. Travis Japan
  9. Yamada Ryosuke
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