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Posted by J_Global 364 pts Monday, May 10, 2021

Johnnys' YouTube Round-Up: Week of May 4


From Naniwa Danshi's return to the channel to a game of Junior face-swap, check out what's been going on in the Johnny's YouTubeworld this week!

On Tuesday, Naniwa Danshi plays a member roulette, spinning a custom wheel to determine who will be the subject of a talking point, such as "describe this person with a single kanji" and "what has changed most about him." They also reveal which of their proposed "YouTube greetings" from February won the fan vote!

On Wednesday, Snow Man enter their own version of "a quiet place" with a game to test their stoic determination. With a harmonica placed in a player's mouth, the others enact challenges and distractions to see if they can get him to make a sound!

Later that evening, eight members of Shonen Ninja divide into teams to play a face-based acting game. Three of the team's players each get a card with a prompt they have to convey only with their facial expression, with the remaining player having to guess which person is doing which!

On Thursday, Travis Japan undergo a new challenge called "Pittari Pick," wherein a randomly drawn number becomes their target score for various increasingly ridiculous challenges. Only by getting the score exactly can they clear!

On Friday, 7 MEN Samurai produce their very own original lyric video for their second song "SIREN," assigning member Yabana Rei to be the human hand-written placard in a custom choreographed routine involving lots and lots of white t-shirts!

Later that evening, SixTONES underwent the Johnny's "silent dance" challenge, with each member being filmed dancing from memory the choreography of their song "Imitation Rain." The footage is then put together and compared to the original dance video to see how well they did!

On Saturday, Bishonen try out a new photo challenge with some manipulated pictures of their fellow Johnny's! Each picture they're presented with has a single detail that is photoshopped from a completely different member, with the guys having to guess whose part is hidden before the clock runs out!

On Sunday, HiHi Jets put their knowledge of trends to the test with a ranking quiz for the top 10 best-selling manga titles!

 And on Monday, Naniwa Danshi share a performance clip for their original song 2 Faced from the 2020 concert Kansai Johnnys' Jr. DREAM PAVILION!

And of course don't miss the ongoing saga of Ninomiya Kazunari's channel, including a surprise birthday party for Yamada Ryosuke!

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