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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Ae! group's Delectable Journey in Wakayama: The First Video After Rebranding to Junior Channel


In a flavorful twist, Ae! group takes us on a culinary adventure in their first video post-rebranding from Johnny's JR Channel to Junior Channel. The challenge features local cuisine in the beautiful Wakayama region, offering viewers an exciting blend of sumptuous dishes and friendly competition.

The heart of the video lies in the group's unique challenge. Participants select dishes from a menu, and if two members choose the same dish, they must compete to claim it. The game involves a clever blend of strategy and humor, with contestants humorously referred to as "killers" if they frequently lose out on their chosen dishes.

The culinary journey showcases a variety of dishes that Wakayama is known for, including sea urchin, tuna, and other local specialties. The group members each make their choices and explain their reasoning, all while trying to avoid getting their culinary dreams "killed" by their fellow competitors.

As the challenge progresses, the video demonstrates the group's reactions and enjoyment of the delectable dishes. The sumptuous spread and their animated responses make for a tantalizing watch. It's not just about the food; it's also about the laughter, surprises, and genuine enjoyment that the group shares with their audience.

Ae! group's inaugural video on Junior Channel is a captivating blend of food, entertainment, and friendly competition.

In summary, the video marks a delightful new beginning for the channel, now known as Junior Channel, as it serves as a captivating introduction to the engaging content featuring a wide range of JUNIOR groups, including the charismatic Ae! group.

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