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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Monday, October 23, 2023

BE:FIRST's Entertaining "Memory" Challenge: Card-Matching Fun with English Subtitles


In a recently released YouTube video from BE:FIRST, the charismatic boy band members engaged in a friendly yet captivating game of Memory. This game, known for its straightforward yet challenging nature, encourages players to flip cards and discover matching pairs. However, when played among close friends, it transforms into a spirited contest filled with amusing confusion, laughter, and good-natured ribbing.

The BE:FIRST group comprises SOTA, SHUNTO, LEO, RYOKI, MANATO, RYUHEI, and JUNON, and their aim is to match cards that showcase their own images, leading to funny and heartwarming moments as they identify familiar faces. What adds a unique twist to the game is the fact that the cards are based on exclusive BMSG FES'23 merchandise, making the challenge even more entertaining and relatable for fans.

As the game unfolds, individual competitive spirits emerge, with LEO initially taking the lead by attempting to match multiple pairs in one go, introducing an exciting dynamic. The stakes are heightened as players have the chance to win luxurious catering gift tickets.

As the game progresses, some members, notably RYOKI, find their own cards but are occasionally humorously overlooked or mistakenly bypassed by their teammates. This injects a fun and playful element into the competition as players strive to remember and match various cards.

The game reaches its peak as SOTA and MANATO emerge as the victors. Their collective memory and card-matching skills propel them to victory, securing their position as champions in this light-hearted yet spirited face-off.

What makes this video even more accessible and engaging is the inclusion of English subtitles. These subtitles open the door for international fans to enjoy the camaraderie, humor, and excitement of the "Memory" challenge, regardless of their language preferences.

For fans of BE:FIRST and those seeking a good laugh, this video offers a charming look at their favorite group members in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

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