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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Monday, December 4, 2023

Experience 'SUPER IDOL' by SKY-HI × Nissy


The music video for "SUPER IDOL" by SKY-HI × Nissy harmoniously weaves a narrative that complements the empowering lyrics of the song. Opening with SKY-HI and Nissy observing a king's gown and crown, the video establishes a theme of power and authority. This seamlessly transitions into a passionate debate and protests, setting the stage for a rebellion against societal norms.

As the intensity of the debate escalates, SKY-HI and Nissy take the spotlight, symbolizing a takeover and a shift in power dynamics through their energetic performance. Their combination of rap and singing becomes a form of self-expression, challenging societal expectations. The lyrics echo this narrative, expressing the artists' confidence and uniqueness as idols, emphasizing the challenges faced and the pursuit of dreams.

The video's transition to the king's throne, featuring a dance amidst a backdrop of chaotic fighting, suggests a turbulent environment where the pursuit of dreams is met with resistance. The culmination sees SKY-HI and Nissy grabbing the crown and gown, symbolizing a triumphant claim to their own identity and a victory over obstacles.

What are your thoughts on the "SUPER IDOL" music video by SKY-HI × Nissy? Feel free to share your insights.

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