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Ikuta Toma to star in new Final Fantasy XIV CM

September 14, 2010 @ 6:25 pm
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Ikuta Toma has been chosen as the new image character for the "Final Fantasy XIV" (for Windows version) CM, and held a press conference on the 14th.  Toma wore armor and weapons from "FF" for the CM, and said, "I felt like I was in the world of Final Fantasy.  The armor was well made, so I was very excited."

The official release of "FF XIV" (Windows version) will be on the 30th, however, the "Final Fantasy XIV Collecter's Edition" which allows you to try the game before its official release, and comes with many other privileges, will be released on the 22nd.  The Play Station 3 version will be released in the beginning of March 2011.

Check out the new CM (which will start airing on Sept.22) and the making of the CM (include message from Toma) here!

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