Morning Musume member, Tanaka Reina, dating Maekawa Hiroki?

September 12, 2010 @ 12:01 am
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There is a rumor brewing that Morning Musume member, Tanaka Reina, is dating singer, Maekawa Hiroki, who Reina co-stars with in music show "Uta no Rakuen".  The reason why this rumor came up is because of Reina and Hiroki's blogs.  According to Tantei File, sometimes they make very similar blog entries at almost the same time.

The most recent one is when both of them posted about weird looking clouds in the sky, and it is said that it looks like they are both in a car on the high-way.  Moreover, the time they posted these entries was only 12 minutes apart.

You could say it's just a coincidence, but some couples in the past have been caught/discovered through posting similar blog entries.

Source: Tantei File


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