Tanihara Shosuke to star in a 'Lucky Seven' spin-off drama

December 12, 2011 @ 11:27 pm
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Fuji TV has just announced that they will be airing a spin-off of their upcoming Monday drama, 'Lucky Seven', on Fuji TV Two. The spin-off is called 'Shiritsu Tantei ★ Makabe Ryu' and will star Tanihara Shosuke as the private detective Makabe Ryu.

The story of the 'Shiritsu Tantei ★ Makabe Ryu' is set inside a detective drama that the characters of 'Lucky Seven' like to watch on TV. Especially the protagonist, played by Arashi's Matsumoto Jun, has been a huge fan of the drama since his childhood and even mimics the words and poses of the fictional detective, Makabe Ryu.

Tanihara will disguise himself as a very flashy and hard-boiled detective, with his yellow hat and yellow trench coat. He solves all the cases that others can't around the world, making even the CIA feel envious of his skills.

This original comedy is going to get four episodes in total and will actually already begin to air before the start of the Monday drama, which is a first for Fuji TV's spin-off projects.

Tanihara commented, "While not losing sight of the comedic elements, I'd like to play the character of Makabe with all its seriousness." Further, knowing that Matsumoto will have to mimic his action as his childhood hero, he added, "I know that this might cause trouble for Matsumoto who is looking up to my character, but I'm not going to hold back during the filming."

A drama inside a drama. Since the 'Makabe Boom' still seems to apparent during the actualy story of 'Lucky Seven', we might even get a couple of glimpses of detective Makabe on TV throughout the episodes.

'Shiritsu Tantei ★ Makabe Ryu' will air its first episode on January 14th, 2012.

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