"Liar Game" movie to get spin-off drama

February 24, 2012 @ 8:10 pm
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It's been revealed that the second "Liar Game" movie will be getting a spin-off drama this March.

Titled "Alice in Liar Game", the drama will focus on the past of Alice (played by Ashida Mana). It will portray the relationship between Alice and Omega, along with the mystery of how her life came to be.

Based on a popular manga by Kaitani Shinobu, "Liar Game" is a suspense story about a college student named 'Kanzaki Nao' and genius swindler 'Akiyama Shinichi', who work together to defeat the game of deception called Liar Game. It received two drama adaptations starring Matsuda Shota and Toda Erika back in 2007 and 2009. The movie, "Liar Game: The Final Stage", became a huge success in the box-office as it pulled in a revenue of over 2.36 billion yen (approximately 30.7 million USD).

In the new movie, Matsuda will reprise the role of 'Akiyama Shinichi' and is once again dragged into the Liar Game. As reported earlier, Tabe Mikako will be starring as the new heroine with the role of 'Shinomiya Yu'.

Ashida's character Alice is an intelligent young girl who is a part of the 'Liar Game Tournament Office'. She is in charge of the game's structure, player selection, and traps against the players.

"Alice in Liar Game" will broadcast from March 5th to the 8th, each about 55-minutes long. The movie will open in theaters on March 3rd.

Source: Mantan Web


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