Kitano Kii denies rumor of marriage to Miura Shohei

May 12, 2012 @ 12:08 pm
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On May 11th, actress Kitano Kii denied rumors of a marriage to actor Miura Shohei on her official blog. There is a rumor that she got marriage to Miura, which has spread on Twitter and other social SNS.

She titled the entry "Wrong information" and stated, "Everyone. There is a lot of slander and abuse..... The marriage report is wrong information." Currently, she co-stars with Miura on the NTV drama 'Cleopatra na Onnatachi'.

Kitano Kii added, "We are not even dating, and he is one of my co-stars." She also shared her confusion about the false talk. "I have no idea why this kind of rumor started going around, but I want everyone to know that there are some people whose feelings have been hurt because of this rumor. Also, I feel sad that everyone has been fooled with this wrong information and has started to abuse [it]."

The rumor had been first reported in Yahoo! Japan's service 'Chiebukuro' with a post titled, "Actress Kitano Kii and actor Miura Shohei announced their marriage."

Source : Narinari


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