AKB48 members monopolize Oricon's photo book ranking for first half of 2012

June 1, 2012 @ 4:02 pm
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Oricon has revealed that AKB48 has taken all three spots of the "TOP 3" of its half-year photo book ranking for 2012!

Coming in first place is Maeda Atsuko's latest photo book, 'Bukiyou', with over 102,306 units sold. After receiving this news, Maeda commented, "It's all thanks to everybody. Thank you very much!"

The second and third place spots went to Sashihara Rino's 1st photo book, 'Sashiko' (100,951 units), and Kashiwagi Yuki's 2nd photobook, 'Yu, Yu, Yukirin...' (73,879), respectively.

This is AKB48's 3rd consecutive year to top Oricon's photo book ranking. 'AKB48 FASHION BOOK Wagamama Girlfriend' took first back in 2010 and 'AKB 1/48 Idol to Koi Shitara… Koushiki Kouryaku Visual Book' placed first last year.

Aside from these 3 photo books, AKB48's glasses-themed photo book, 'AKB48 Twenty - Four Hours', came in 5th place. Additionally, SKE48 member Matsui Rena's 'Kingyo' ranked 6th and SKE48's photo book, 'Houkago, Nijigen Doukoukai', took 9th place.

Check out the full ranking below!


01. Maeda Atsuko's Photo Book, "Bukiyou" (102,306)
02. Sashihara Rino's 1st Photo Book, "Sashiko" (100,951)
03. Kashiwagi Yuki's 2nd Photo Book, "Yu, Yu, Yukirin..." (73,879)
04. Sasaki Nozomi's "Non.non" (71,490)
05. AKB48's "Twenty-Four Hours" (71,120)
06. Matsui Rena's Photo Book, "Kingyo" (52,573)
07. Shoujo Jidai's "Holiday" (33,415)
08. Pia Live Photo Magazine, "2PM ARENA TOUR 2011" (16,938)
09. SKE48's Photo Book, "Houkago, Nijigen Doukoukai" (16,749)
10. Nose Neko, "Kago Neko Shiro to 3 Tou no Nakama Tachi" (16,188)

Source: Oricon


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