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a-nation and GirlsAward joining efforts for collaboration fashion show

July 28, 2012 @ 2:24 pm
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It was reported on July 27th that "GirlsAward", Japan’s biggest fashion and music event will be held in collaboration with "a-nation musicweek", which is happening on August 3rd-12th. The collaboration fashion show, titled "music week collection supported by GirlsAward", will be held at the a-nation music week RESORT STAGE in Yoyogi National Gymnasium for four days on August 4-6 and the 8th.

The show will include "GirlsAward" regulars like popular model Fujii Lena, as well as new mom Hoshino Aki and Youn-A, who’s been very active in magazines such as "GINGER" lately. This will be Hoshino’s first fashion show after giving birth. About 40 personalities will be making their extravagant appearances on the runway. The show will feature brands "GUILD PRIME", "LOVELESS", "Bershka" (sister brand of "ZARA") and "FOREVER 21". Stylist Suganuma Shino will be overseeing the styling for the event and will also be chatting with the models on stage.

Check out the event details below!

<“music week collection supported by GirlsAward”>
Date and Time- 2012 August 4-6, and the 8th at 6:30PM
Venue- a-nation music week RESORTSTAGE
Akimoto Kozue, Urahama Alisa, Emi Renata, Oishi Mitsuki, Otomo Mizuki, CAROLINA, Kawakita Mayuko, Kanbe Ranko, Kelly, Kokubo Miki, Sato Shiori, Satoumi, Sugawara Saki, Suzuki Chinami, Sonii, Sonmi, Takahashi Maryjun, Nana (AFTERSCHOOL), Nanaka, Nanjyo Yuka, Nicole, Nishi Monaka, Nishida Alisa, Fujii Lena, Hoshino Aki, Mizuhara Yuka, Michibata Angelica, Minami Akina, Mukoyama Shijo, Melody Yoko, Youn-A, Riina, Live, Watanabe Chikako
MC- Kawase Ryoko
Stylist- Suganuma Shino
Brands- 4th: GUILD PRIME,  5th: LOVELESS, 6th: Bershka, 8th: FOREVER21

Source + Image: ModelPress


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